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In 2011, Ed was introduced to the concept of tiny houses. Having recently developed an active retirement community in nearby Rome, GA, he saw value in creating a rustic downsized community for pre-retirement and vacationing. Below are some frequently asked questions we and others in the tiny house industry have addressed since the concept was reintroduced in 1999. After reviewing these FAQs, please fill out the Contact Us form and give us a little more detail about your plans for tiny living. We look forward to meeting to you!


If you want to have a traditional washer/dryer, oven, and tank based water heater you’re going to need 220. If your tiny house is designed without those, you may get away with just 110 only throughout the house. Electricity is available to be ran to all of our lots, but solar may be difficult due to the wooded and shaded locations of our communities. It may not be enough direct sunlight to energize the solar panels.

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At each of our Escape properties, we hook it up to a regular septic system and have regular flush toilets and running water. Or you can set it up just like an RV with holding tanks. Finally, you could consider composting toilets if that is allowable in your county or area.

Category: Utilities

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