High Point Escape

19 Purchasable Lots Near Downtown Mentone, AL


Directions-Put in your GPS or Google Maps 711 County Road 642, Mentone, AL 35984. This address is just across the street from our lots. The water tower is behind and to the right of our lots as a marker. All lots have the pink stakes and ribbons to mark property lines and numbers.

High Point Escape has 19 purchasable lots just 2 miles from downtown Mentone.  15 of the lots are +/- 1/2 an acre and there are three bigger lots in the back that are +/- 3.5 acres. Lot prices range between $19,500-$47,500, prices are on the map below.  To develop a 1/2 acre lot and set the tiny home, we estimate the cost to be $18-26,000 (larger lots will have a higher site prep costs due to longer driveways). There are no restrictions or caps on rental investments at High Point Escape.