We suggest making an appointment before coming to tour or visit now that we have no model cabins to view until fall of 2021 since 35 homes have been pre-sold. There is 1 move in ready tiny home at Little River Escape, Mi Sueno on Lot 12. And 1 move in tiny home at Silver Hill Escape, Phase 2- Mountain Top Hideaway on Lot 30. All Tiny Home prices are subject to change due to the shortage and fluctuation of building materials. 
See the “Available Now” banners on the tiny houses pages to view our in-stock tiny homes.

If you want to order one of our tiny homes, just determine the closest floor plan to reflect the way you live, then we’ll assist in any customizations and the selection of appliances, fixtures, lighting, window placement, and other features to make your tiny home beautiful, comfortable, and energy efficient. Personalizing your cabin is important. You may want to change a faucet, pendant light, or introduce the newest high tech appliance. Just give us the item number or model number and we’ll replace the standard. We do it line by line, so you’re in complete control. Customizations and upgrades are extra and not included in the base price of each home. **Our next available build dates are 6-10 months out due to high demand and supply shortages. Order soon to ensure a place on our schedule for your custom tiny home**

Featured Tiny Houses



Mi Sueno- $69,900 + $395/month Lot Lease

1 Bedroom + Loft | 310 sq. ft.

TOP SELLER…Alexander

1 Queen Bedroom + Bunk Beds + Loft | 398 sq. ft.

The Collins

1 Queen Bedroom | 396 sq. ft.

Sea Breeze

1 Queen Bedroom + Loft | 396 sq. ft.

The Seashore

1 Bedroom + Loft | 395 sq. ft.


1 Bedroom + Loft | 396 sq. ft.

The Bass

1 Bedroom | 399 sq. ft.

Blue Gill

1 Bedroom | 398 sq. ft.


1 Bedroom + Loft | 399 sq. ft.


1 Bedroom + Loft | 399 sq. ft.

The Pavati

2 Bedrooms + 1 Loft | 398 sq. ft.


1 Bedroom | 399 sq. ft.


1 Bedroom + Bunk Bed + Loft | 399 sq. ft.

Bear (Wheelchair Accessible)

1 Bedroom | 396 sq. ft.

Birch Log Cabin

1 Bedroom + Loft | 399 sq. ft.


1 Bedroom | 399 sq. ft.


1 Bedroom + Loft | 399 sq. ft.


2 Bedroom | 390 sq. ft.