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In 2011, Ed was introduced to the concept of tiny houses. Having recently developed an active retirement community in nearby Rome, GA, he saw value in creating a rustic downsized community for pre-retirement and vacationing. Below are some frequently asked questions we and others in the tiny house industry have addressed since the concept was reintroduced in 1999. After reviewing these FAQs, please fill out the Contact Us form and give us a little more detail about your plans for tiny living. We look forward to meeting to you!


Here is a sample of total costs:

House: $50,000

Tax (7%): $3500

Site Prep: $3000 (for unsited homes)

Year 1 Lot Lease (5% discount for prepay): $4950

Tag and title for trailer: $500

Total Move In: $61,950


Annual Cost Estimate:

Year 1 Lot Lease (5% discount for prepay): $4950

Tag and title for trailer: $500

Utilities per month: 50-75

Total Recurring Costs: $6050 or $504/mo


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Miniaturization costs money. It is more difficult to design and engineer spaces in a nonstandard way than in a standard way. If most houses have a 12 x 12′ livingroom area and a 5 x 6′ kitchen, then it’s easy to just find a design someone else has already used.

Better resources (premium wood, odd-size windows, etc.) cost more, even when you’re using less of the resource. Example: 7 teak wood steps cost more per step, but don’t cost as much as an entire floor.

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Tiny Houses range from $35-100,000, depending on design, materials used, and builder. Due to financing limitations (see Financing filter), you should expect to pay for the house outright upon delivery. However, keep in mind the following initial expenses: tag and title, land/lease, site prep and utilities installation, delivery if more than 50 miles, storage unit (It is very difficult and not entirely necessary to downsize completely in one go).

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