What should I ask the County Zoning Agent?

BEFORE you purchase a house, you need to confirm you will have a place to put it. You can’t just park it in your driveway or on a piece of property you own without first clarifying the zoning laws for the property it is on.

This is not about aesthetics or mobile homes, it’s about property values and taxes so don’t assume this is unnecessary in rural areas.

  1. What are your minimum regulations for full time residence?
  2. What is minimum Square Footage?
  3. What is minimum wall length?
  4. What is maximum residence per year?
  5. Is a foundation required?
  6. Do you allow sustainability options like solar power or composting toilets?
  7. What is the annual tax calculation?
  8. Do you accept RVIA or ANSI 119.5 building standards?

You may call us once you have this information and we can give you some ideas if there are any conflicts.

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