Cloudland Escape

Rock Crop Lots for Tiny Home or Stick Builds


Cloudland Escape has 10 purchasable lots on Lookout Mountain Parkway ready to develop for a tiny home or stick built mountain home.  Most lots have rock crops, caves, and/or wet weather stream features. Lots range between $16,500-$34,000 + site improvements (estimated to be $30,000-$35,000). Lot size ranges between 1.01acres- 1.81acres.

Each lot is undeveloped to allow each buyer to customize their house position, driveway, and parking to suite their needs and wants which we estimate to range between $30,000-$35,000 due to the location and terrain of lots. There are NO monthly fees or HOA dues for any of the 10 purchasable lots within Cloudland Escape.

Cloudland Escape is 30 minutes from Cloudland State Park and about 45 minutes from Chattanooga, Tennessee and Ruby Falls.

If you want to visit Cloudland Escapes you can book a stay at Tiny Dreams in the Clouds.


Beautiful Rock Crops, Caves, and Wet Weather Streams