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Frequently Asked Questions

1Where Are You Located?
Northwest Georgia’s only Tiny Home dealer.
Model Cabins & Sales Office in Cloudland, GA: Little River Escape,
11987 Highway 48, Menlo, GA 30731
2What makes RRE Cabins so different?
Design and craftsmanship. Incredibly comfortable and wonderfully livable with unique features and Innovative floor plans.
3How much does a cabin cost?
Prices range from $39,000 to $65,000+.
4What permits do I need?
This varies from County to County. We will gladly call your local zoning office for info about placing and permits for: Park Model RVs, Modular Homes, and "Tiny" Mobile Homes.
5How quickly can I get my cabin?
Depending on the options and upgrades you choose, in as little as 30 days.
6What does delivery cost?
There is a per mile charge that ranges between $5.00 & $7.00 per mile.
7Can I customize an RRE cabin?
Yes, to a limited degree and as long as you stay within our floorplan and layout.
8What about storage?
Each cabin is designed to maximize space and storage possibilities. For example, many units have built-in drawers under the bed, stairs, loft, and other unique space-saving options.
9Does RRE have a warranty?
Absolutely. Each manufacturer stands behind the integrity of the unit with a full one-year builders warranty.
10What utilities are there?
Connections to electrical, septic, cable, HVAC, phone, and internet. The availability of these utilities may dictate where you can actually place your home.
11How do I connect utilities?
RRE cabins have single drops for water and sewer in a simple location to access and hook up. For power you can have a simple plug or have an electrician wire it directly, which we recommend. Cabins run on 100 amps and are designed to be simple to hook-up and simple to use.
12How are your cabins constructed?
Our cabins are extremely energy efficient and are the tightest, least expensive cabin to own, heat and cool.
13Does the cabin come fully constructed or do I need a contractor?
Every cabin is delivered with our guarantee that everything is in order, impeccably installed and ready for you to enjoy. RRE will work with you on what is needed to connect the water, sewer, power, etc.
14What about property taxes?
By law, a Park Model RV is not subject to property tax. You receive a VIN number and register it as any other RV. The Modular and Mobile "Tiny" Homes that we also offer would be subject to property taxes like any permanent residence.
15Can a RRE cabin be used in extreme climates?
Yes. All cabins have a very tight envelope and perform extremely well through extreme cold and heat.
16How are the cabins heated and cooled?
The sealed combustion, high efficiency gas/propane fireplace provides more than enough heat to keep the cabin comfortable even in frigidly cold weather. A/C is an option and we use the top-of-the-line Mitsubishi split systems which work great at keeping the unit as cool as you would like.