How It Works

How It Works

Start planning your Escape!
Reserve Build Date1

Reserve Build Date

Finance Your Cabin2

Finance Your Cabin

Design Your Cabin3

Design Your Cabin

Delivery and Installation4

Delivery and Installation

How It Works

Reserve Build Date
Once you're fully committed, picked out a plan, agreed on pricing, checked on and received approval for permits, etc. we urge you to reserve your production slot. Our manufacturers are popular and very busy. So, getting on their production board is very important step in the planning process. To reserve your slot, a per cabin deposit will be required. It's fully refundable up to 14 days prior to your build date and goes towards your purchase price of your cabin.

Once your slot is reserved, and you've signed off on your design, there may be an opportunity to move your production date up or down. We will notify you if this becomes an opportunity. You also may delay or "move down" the production schedule if you run into unforeseen problems.
Finance Your Cabin

RV Park Models are classified as personal property so banks typically lend on them under their RV programs, HELOC's, or personal loans. These are typically 5% to 20% down depending on your credit score with terms up to 15 years. To finance your Tiny Home we have 2 options...

1. One Rome bank is ready to receive your application. Email or call 706.936.0007 for contact information.

2. Check out: This process is easy. Click on “Get Started,” give a little bit of background information, and you are matched with a lending partner.
Design Your Cabin
River Ridge Escapes offers a variety of

floor plans

from two of the leading manufacturers of Park Model cabins. Options Are Unlimited. Once you decide on a floor plan which reflects the way you live, we'll assist in the selection of appliances, fixtures, lighting, window placement, and many other exciting features to make your cabin beautiful, comfortable, and energy efficient.

Personalizing your cabin is important. You may want to change a faucet, pendant light, or introduce the newest high tech appliance. It's simple, give us the item number or model number for the item you've chosen and we'll deduct ours out. We do it line by line, so you're in complete control. We charge cost plus 15% for any specified item and $75.00 per change order.

Options Are Unlimited
Our hand-crafted park model and modular cabins are designed for the way you enjoy living life. The ideal lake house, guest house, corporate cabin, rental unit, mother-in-law suite, hunting cabin, and much much more.

Whether you're looking for a log cabin that can be moved or one that sits on a permanent foundation, we can make it happen, and all within a quick 4-8 week typical construction timeframe. Your cabin is built in a factory-controlled environment by an experienced well-trained team of craftsmen committed to the product they are building.

The attention to detail, finishes, and the use of quality materials is unheard of in our industry, so start dreaming up the perfect log cabin now and we'll build it for you and at a price far more competitive and a standard much higher than other builders. We're always happy to answer any questions you have about products and process, so don't hesitate to call our email us anytime.
Delivery and Installation
How Our Delivery Works
• Our cabins are on wheels, delivered on a custom steel framed trailer, so it can go virtually anywhere there is a road.
• Cost per mile varies depending on distance, clearance, and terrain. Estimate $5-7/ mile.

Site Preparation for Log Cabin
It’s important to consider before you bring your house to the property:
• Your entire driveway must be free of all mud/sogginess at the time of delivery. Make sure straight sections of your driveway are clear at least 2’ wider than the width of the cabin and at least 15’ high. Turns in the access driveway must provide sufficient space to maneuver.
• The “landing area” must be completely clear overhead, including tree limbs and power lines, and must be on a decently level grade.
• What direction do you want your front door to face?
• Consider parking for your car and visitor’s cars.

Prior to Delivery
The customer is responsible for coordinating site work such as hooking up utilities, septic, water, etc. River Ridge Escapes can provide names of qualified individuals who will assist in the installation and hook-up process.

Installation and Hook-up
As the Purchaser, what are my responsibilities for permits and where can I place a Park Model RV? You can most likely park a cabin on your own property or on your friend’s or family’s property. Anyone purchasing Park Model or Modular cabin should first contact their local building inspection office, zoning and planning office or environmental health department to determine what, if any, restrictions or requirements may apply for their intended use. Since many counties don't see a lot of park models, a customer may receive confusing direction. River Ridge Escapes will gladly assist you in the permitting process.

The process below is typical and what we would expect

a. If septic does not exist on your property, then you must go to the correct county office, complete the application for septic, pay fee and follow their directions. They will give you the septic design. The septic design is specific and the septic installer(s) bid right off that design. Once you contract with septic installer, they handle installation and inspections. Make sure that you have the septic installer run drain pipe so that the connection to the septic is within the perimeter of the cabin.

b. If the septic does exist, then it may need to be re-inspected in order to be declared "good." In any case, the line from the septic to the cabin must be run to within the perimeter of the cabin.

a. Your water "service" will either be through a well contractor or city/ county.

b. The well or city water must be run within the perimeter of the cabin. This work can be done by the well contractor or a plumber.

c. A well contractor or plumber typically handles all permits and inspections.

d. If a plumbing permit is pulled, the county MAY require the drains to be handled by the plumber too.

a. First determine who the electric utility is.

b. Set up account with Utility.

c. Contract with the electrician to handle service and pull permit.

d. Since this is a park model, the Electric Meter cannot be installed on the CABIN itself. It must be installed on a pole adjacent to the cabin. The electrician will know how to do this.

e. Detail - if your panel is 100 or 50 amps, the electrician must wire the panel to the 100 amp breaker. Put another way, on these smaller panels, do not wire to the "lugs" that a 200 amp panel typically has, instead wire to the main service direct to the 100 or 50 amp breaker. See photo below - do not wire at top of panel, rather wire to the 100 amp break on the top left.


Aquisition of Permits in Rome & Floyd County

1. When applying for permits to connect Utilities call 706.236.4481 or visit the Rome Floyd County Building Dept. at 607 Broad St.

2. If your cabin will be connected to a septic system, you must first apply to the Floyd County Sewer, then you must apply to the Floyd County Water Dept. ** a septic tank is not allowed where public sewer is available.

• Floyd County Health Dept. is located @ 16 E. 12th; 706.295.6316 • Floyd County Water Dept. is located @ 217 Calhoun Ave.; 706.291.5130

3. You may be required to obtain a copy of zoning verification. The Zoning Dept. is located @ 607 Broad St.; 706.236.4675 or 706.236.5025.

Log Cabin Rental Property

Looking for a rental property investment to insure friends, family, or customers enjoy return visits year after year? Placing a cabin at Little River Escape creates the opportunity for a year-round revenue stream. Our cabins are low-maintenance, energy efficient, and extremely comfortable for your incoming guests, whether they are staying one week or several months.

Before investing, we invite you to stay in one of our tiny cabins at Little River Escape. Call us at 706,236.0007 to reserve a night in our model cabin high atop Lookout Mountain on the banks of the Little River. We feel it’s important to experience for yourself the quality construction, custom features and beautiful craftsmanship that go into each of our log cabins.